The Present ecosystem

While the entire education system and stakeholders of India; Students, Parents, Teachers, and Institutes, remain job-focused, the ecosystem is investing in fewer efforts to prepare individuals for the future. The entire educational framework is caught up in advancing ‘learning’ rather than encourage individuals to foster their critical reasoning abilities. Hence, bringing about producing exceptionally qualified graduates that aren’t certain about themselves and what they’re seeking after in their careers.









Our Corporate Houses are loaded up with business managers who hoped to become Engineers, our Administration Offices are filled with individuals who could’ve served better in the private sectors, and our Schools, Colleges, and Universities consist of educators who never wanted to seek after a teaching profession. It’s an endless loop with naturally accompanying adverse reactions.

The Need For A Different Perspective

Due to the ongoing disorder and chaos, Perception Mentorz had to stand firm and step in to ensure that legitimate mentorship and guidance is being provided to the Indian Students. We go about as a hand-holding accomplice beyond the conventional education system with the goal that young men and women should be coordinated towards their calling and successfully cover their career path for an effective and cheerful life.

The Genesis

The premise that led to the creation of the PERCEPTION MENTORZ was driven from the belief that an aspiring student tends to form a perception which could be self debilitating. These perceptions are primarily created on the basis of the expectations set by the student.Thus at PERCEPTION MENTORZ we offer the student End-End Hand Holding & Advisory Support till the moment the desired objective is achieved.