About Us

of the teenagers in India suffer from depression – World Health Organization (W.H.O, 2018).

of the students in India commit suicide on a daily basis – Indian Crime Records Bureau (2017).

of the functioning populace in India is troubled & frustrated concerning their profession – Monster + GVK (2014).

Who we are

The word ‘PERCEPTION’ is originated from the Latin word ‘PERCEPTIO’, which intends to gather and receive. It plays a significant role in Identifying, Organizing, and Interpreting tactile information through signals that pass the nervous system. This aids in understanding the environmental elements around us and representing them in a more simplistic form.

An individual’s perception is developed through encounters and experiences, and that is the reason why intervention is significant in the early stages, as it can completely change the individual’s advancement path and assist with improving the future outcomes.

That’s where we, Perception Mentorz step in to ensure that there are no negative or deluding perceptions being formed during the crucial learning years. We believe that it is significant for an individual to be Guided, Motivated, and Mentored in an appropriate manner so that they can discover their inner potential and totally shatter their intellectually devastated cobwebs.

The Founding Team

Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya

Associate Director

Kamlesh Manker

Associate Director

Advisory Team

Ashish Kumar Gupta

Managing Partner, Vijay Deepak & Co.

Rakesh Tayal

Vice chairman at PIET

Mr. Kashish Jhamb

Chief Technology Officer

Our Vision

Perception Mentorz fosters students through counselling to assist with perceiving their self-worth. We make coordinated efforts in imparting and exhibiting our concerns towards students so that they can unlock their maximum potential and become esteemed individuals of the community.

Our Mission

Perception Mentorz aims to assess the student’s yearnings and aptitudes to map out their career path. This assists us with directing and mentoring them towards the right direction in life so that they can accomplish their objectives in a healthy and safe learning environment.